Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Laptop with Guitar Rig

Here is a great and inexpensive, professional sounding recording setup for a guitarist or singer looking to make demo's and possibly for live use with a PA. This rig is really easy to use as it is software based and the software comes with tutorials and a good manual.

First of all I have decided to use a laptop so I can bring it to rehearsals and it will be practical for live use. For details on the best laptop to buy for home recording, I'd recommend buying from an IT consultant. The laptop here is shown running guitar Rig 3 and
Ableton Live computer recording software. Guitar Rig 3 sounds great and includes all the amps, effects, cabinets and everything you will need and far easier than trying to get you hands on and mic up this stuff. Ableton is great for either programming drums or making drum loops. It'so great for having jam sessions as you can get Ableton to play the drums while you play along, I have a few of these so with a bit of polish I might post. If you are a drummer you can still just record your kit along to your tracks, but you will either need an ADAT with more tracks or a mixer, and lots of Mic's. If you are looking for some loops and sounds Click Here! or Click Here!

Getting the sound in to the computer is the Important part. I went for an inexpensive option that I can add a mixer to for more channels, or plug in to a PA for stereo goodness from Guitar Rig 3. For people looking to record the whole band an 8 or 16 track
ADAT is the way to go, but far more expensive. Our bass player is working on this so it should appear in future posts.

Here is probably the cheapest
USB sound card that's gives you a great sound, lots of manufacturers have a variation on this. Also Native Instruments now ship Guitar Rig with a great USB sound card built in to the Rig Kontrol itself.

I picked up the Guitar Rig
Kontrol 1 off eBay cheap. This is different to the other Rig Kontrols in that it is not a USB sound card in itself, it actually sends a control noise through one of the channels, it still works great, but the other Kontrols are definitely better for live use. I like this set up for home recording because of the flexibility of being able to use an 8 or 16 track ADAT instead.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, my
Jagmaster. I also recommend buying a bass with this type of set up, because with Ableton's drum loops, a Guitar, Bass and a Microphone you can make complete demo's yourself and they sound great...

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  1. hi, can you put a few pics more about the conection of the kontrol ?